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Hear My Story

27 Sep 2015

Booklet of Consumer Stories

People with severe and persistent mental illness come from all walks of life. Each individual has their own story. By sharing their stories, people can help others understand what it is like for them and how others can find hope in their life journeys. By hearing their stories, we can build a community of support and a shared understanding of recovery.

Understanding recovery means understanding that it will look different for each person. The goal isn’t necessarily for everything to be perfectly well all the time. It is knowing that for each person, there are ups and downs in their recovery journey, and they can still have a quality of life during the journey.

If you have a copy of the booklet, you can watch and listen to the people in this booklet tell their story on your smart phone or tablet! Just hold your device over the picture of the person and their video starts playing – you can literally hear them telling their story in their own voice.

The booklet was created by Partners in Recovery South Western Sydney. To get copies of this booklet, please contact Stephanie Isvik on or 0481 013 174.

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