No Wrong Door SWS

A new initiative in breaking down the barriers to accessing mental health services in South Western Sydney (SWS)

People with mental illness in SWS value and seek out services and supports vital to their recovery, however, they and their families can experience multiple barriers in trying to find support. This can lead them to disengage with services and lose opportunities for health and wellbeing. Consultations with consumers at a state and national level have come to similar conclusions*, recommending improved access to mental health services and support, using recovery oriented practice, and advocating for more integrated service delivery and more consumer self-directed care.

Partners in Recovery SWS is committed to these aims through a No Wrong Door initiative, particularly for people with severe and persistent mental illness.

The No Wrong Door SWS initiative aims to take the confusion and frustration out of navigating the service system for people with mental distress or mental illness. It gives consumers multiple points of entry to the local services they may need throughout their recovery journey.

This initiative provides new resources for consumers, carers and services including:

The Access App helps people know what to do in a mental health crisis, find mental health resources and information, and find health professionals. There is also a specific app for friends and family members who are concerned or caring for a person in mental distress. No need to download anything, just go to the website and it works on any device with internet access. The website, along with providing a direct link to the Access App, has a short video clip of the No Wrong Door initiative as well as information about the Mental Health Charter SWS and the agencies that have signed it.

A common understanding and utilisation of recovery oriented practices are fundamental to the delivery of accessible and effective care for people with severe and persistent mental illness. A consistent approach will facilitate consumer engagement with services so that no one ‘falls through the gaps’. There is a need for services to have common recovery language, understandings and procedures, and an improvement in recovery referral pathways between service providers. The Mental Health Charter SWS outlines some basic recovery principles to guide service providers toward best practice. It supports the idea that everyone can assist people with mental illness, even if this is not their core business.

We would like to invite the community of South Western Sydney to join with us in working together so that someone with mental distress or mental illness and their carer/s can access any service, through any door, and find the support they need when they need it.

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“Reform is not only about ideas and policies. It is also about securing the commitment of organisations and individuals at all levels to invest their time, energy and resources in a long-term program of change.”
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