• Mental Health in Multicultural Australia with consumer video stories
  • Psychiatric Services online
  • National Mental Health Consumer and Carer Forum
  • Mental Health in Multicultural Australia – great resource with lots of translated materials about mental illness
  • SANE Online Communities – new peer-to-peer community for people with lived experience with a mental illness with forums for discussion, advice, peer-assistance and cooperation.
  • Hoarding and Squalor Toolkit App
  • Children of Parents with a Mental Illness (COPMI) – check out their ‘Get Info’ page with lots of resources.
  • MindSpot Clinic – Free online and telephone treatment for anxiety disorders and depression.  Provides research based courses through the E-Centre Clinic at Macquarie University. Courses begin every two weeks.
  • eCentreClinic – internet based research clinic that provides free online treatment courses for people with symptoms of worry, anxiety, stress, depression, low moods and chronic pain.
  • This Way Up – internet-based treatment program for anxiety and depression. These courses are designed to help people experiencing symptoms of anxiety and or depression for a small fee.  Each course consists of six structured sessions.
  • MoodGym – free online cognitive behavioural therapy program for people experiencing depression.
  • eCouch – online service that helps people experiencing emotional problems, including anxiety and depression.
  • On Track – Provides variety of online programs including for depression, alcohol & depression, storm recovery, alcohol, diabetes, family & friends & Get Real (early psychosis).
  • Anxiety Online – online mental health service offering info, assessment, online screening and treatment programs (e therapy) for anxiety disorders.
  • Fear Drop –  Graded exposure online program for people with a specific phobia (fear) disorder.
  • MyCompass – interactive self-help service which aims to promote wellbeing and resilience. Allows people to track their moods, write about them and view information and tips.
  • Mood Swings –  Online self-help tools for people with bipolar disorder.
  • The Wellbeing Toolbox – A resource for veterans and former serving members and their families who are experiencing difficulty adjusting with the transition from military to civilian life (whether discharged recently or many years ago).
  • Centre for Clinical Interventions – online workbooks for various different types of anxiety as well as depression.
  • Understanding Anxiety – helps people recognise symptoms of anxiety, and also anxiety in children. It also provides information on how to get treatment for anxiety.
  • Bluepages – information on depression and treatments that are available. Online support for people experiencing depression.
  • DepressioNet –  supports people living with depression to access health professionals; peer support opportunities on message boards and chat rooms.
  • MindHealthConnect – information on mental health resources and support.
  • e-headspace – free online and telephone support & counselling for young people between the ages of 12-25 years.
  • Lifeline One-to-One Crisis Support Chat – online support for people in crisis. Online chat available 8pm-12am 7 days a week. Call Lifeline on 13 11 14 after these hours.
  • Your Room – Drug and alcohol information website. Information on where to get help, support and treatment options all through NSW. Joint initiative of NSW Health and St Vincents Alcohol and Drug Information Service.
  • At Ease – from Department of Veteran’s Affairs to encourage veterans to maintain mental health, understand mental health and access mental health. Includes self help tools, fact sheets, treatment options and publications.
  • Way Ahead – This website provides a database of mental health resources in NSW. The site also has several downloadable fact sheets (e.g. mental health jargon, mental health legislation & Medicare programs).