Support Facilitation

A Partners in Recovery (PIR) Support Facilitator will help you identify the supports that you need. Once you and your Support Facilitator have identified the team of services and support that will help improve your care and recovery, your Support Facilitator will work with you to access those services.

Your Support Facilitator will work with you to make sure everything is going to plan, making sure you are getting the agreed services and support, iron out any problems you are having with the program and to hear how your recovery is progressing.

Breaking Down Barriers to Recovery Through Support Facilitation

Partners in Recovery SWS has assisted hundreds of people with severe and persistent mental illness and the services and supports they need for their recovery journey. We work with people with mental distress to

  • Identify their strengths and any needs they may have – we listen to you
  • Plan their individual recovery journey – we know you are unique
  • Identify services and support for their recovery – we recognise options and support your choices
  • Coordinate services to ensure that their needs are met – we stand beside you

Support Facilitators not only help people as individuals, they also work on opportunities to improve the way that services are provided so services can be the most effective. For example they can help make the referral process easier including a psychiatrist or a place to live.

To make a referral, please call 1300 747 797 or click here